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Senior Domestic Competitions

To Play in the Melton Basketball Association Senior Domestic Competition, we recommend coming down to the venue where you are interested in playing, and seeing if there are teams that are looking for players, or groups of players looking to form a team.

Winter 2024 Team

Registrations Open

Team registration closes at 
5:30pm on 12th April

Registration Process

  • Firstly a team organiser will register a team to the competition (using team registration link)

  • Registration of the team will require payment of the team registration fee. This fee will be reviewed from time to time, and will be documented in the information at the beginning of the registration process.

  • Once the team is registered, the organiser will be emailed a "participant registration link" for players to then register.

  • Players can then register using this link.  There may be a fee to purchase a Basketball Victoria Annual License if the player does not hold one with an expiry date after the end of the season being registered for.

Player Eligibility

  • Domestic seniors competitions are open to players who are 15 years of age or over.

  • Players must be registered on the PlayHQ online system to the teams they play for.

  • Fill in players may play no more than twice for any team in any MBA competition before completing PlayHQ online  registration.

  • Players who play a third game in any team across all MBA competitions without being registered on PlayHQ will result in that game result being a forfeit for the team they played for.

  • Players must not play for more than one team in the same grade of 

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