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Big V Sponsorship Opportunities:


The Melton Thoroughbreds have had success during our time competing in the Big V competition, which in 2023 comprised 145 semi-professional sides from 47 associations across 12 competitions.  Some of our highlights include winning the women's division 3 Championship in 2008, the men's division 2 Championship in 2013 and the men's division 1 Championship in 2015.

In 2024 Melton Basketball Association has 2 teams competing in the Big V competition and we'd love your support!

Contact Us for 2024 Sponsorship Opportunities

With a variety Packages there is opportunity for any business big and small to get involved with Melton Basketball Association.

Packages are flexible as it is not always about cash, but also services your business may be able to provide, and the partnerships we can establish.

If you are interested in partnering with the Melton Basketball Association

please contact:

Melton Basketball is proudly supported by our Team Sponsors

Melton Basketball & Players Sponsors

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