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2024 Big V Men

Jackson Jones


All of them!


185 cm



Jersey #


Nick Name

Texas, Jacko

Fave. Team

Miami Heat

Fave. Player


Basketball Highlight:

Winning the CBL championship with my brothers

2024 Basketball Goal

Winning Div 2 & Winning Defensive Player of the Year of the league

When did you start playing basketball, and what club/team?

7 year old, started with Panthers then Knights

Three words your mum or dad would use to describe you

Amazing, Brilliant, Exceptional

In 10 years I hope...

the same.

Three most inspirational people you'd like to meet:

Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Dennis Rodman

Most Random thing on your Spotify playlist:

No Horse to Ride - Luke Grimes

Favorite motivational quote:

Just Do It

What's the last thing you got in "trouble" for?

Not deciding what's for dinner

If you had to eat a crayon, what colour would you choose


Do you have any other interests outside of basketball?

Working out

What game show do you think you could win?


What was your rookie toy?

Ride on horse head


Jackson Jones
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