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2024 Big V Men

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Michael Thompson


Power Forward


191 cm



Jersey #


Nick Name

Thomo or Mike

Fave. Team

Houston Rockets

Fave. Player

James Hardon

Basketball Highlight:

2022 Men's MVP

2024 Basketball Goal

Win division 2

When did you start playing basketball, and what club/team?

When I was 16, St. Bernard's

Three words your mum or dad would use to describe you

Their best son

In 10 years I hope to be...

Running an electrical business & coaching basketball somewhere

Three most inspirational people you'd like to meet:

Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods & Elon Musk

Do you have a fantasy team? What sport and what's your team name

NBA Fantasy Team, called Loiter Squad

What's the last thing you got in "trouble" for?


Do you have any other interests outside of basketball?

Golf, Travel, Work, Friends & Family

What game show do you think you could win?



Michael Thompson
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